Project Description

MARunScheduler is a plug-in replacement for Microsoft's MASequencer which is used to automate the order in which management agents are run. MARunScheduler uses input from an XML file, which contains information about the management agents to be sequenced.

The MASequencer from the MIIS 2003 Resource Tool Kit is not compatible with FIM 2010 (64 bit), so you need alternative methods for scheduling run profiles for FIM. I believe in simple solutions and though you of course can write VBScripts or PowerShell scripts to schedule your runs, I like the idea of the old MASequencer. That is why I decided to write a similar tool for FIM 2010.

MARunScheduler can be run from the local system where the FIM2010 or FIM2010 R2 service is installed through the command-line.

To learn more, please see documentation.

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